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Online push notification testing
Easy and Fast
Test your push notifications with the click of a button
JSON GCM and APNS tester online
Secure testing
Your certificate and token is encrypted with SSL
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open source and free GCM and APNS tester
Supports JSON
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Push notifications are an integral part of all mobile applications. Our website allows you to easily test your APNS and FCM integration. It is great for testing your push notifications because it is extremely easy to use. Moreover, you don’t have to install any third party applications or write messy scripts. You can concentrate on developing your beautiful apps, while we do the dirty job of testing your push notifications for you. Not to mention your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Hence, we encrypt your certificate and token with SSL before sending it to our servers. Also, we delete the iOS certificate as soon as the test is completed.


Apple push notifications (APNS) is Apple’s version of remote push notifications. It allows developers to send push notifications to users mobile devices. Make sure you correctly implement it using the guide from the Apple Developer Website. Also Checkout our FAQ section for more info.


Firebase cloud messaging is android’s version of remote push notification. Previously android developers used Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) to integrate push notifications. But this is getting deprecated soon (April 11, 2019). Therefore make sure you replace GCM by FCM in your android apps. FCM integration is fairly easy. Just follow the steps given in Firebase developer guide.