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3 Reasons for Adsense Valuable Inventory rejection

If you own a website, then at some point you would have thought of making some quick bucks by filling your website with ads. As hated as it might be by the users, a lot of websites still run it as their main source of income. One of the most popular providers of web ads is Google’s very own Adsense. But getting approved by Adsense isn’t easy. Today we look at 3 types of rejections belonging to the Valuable Inventory category:

1) Valuable inventory: No Content

This rejection reason is self explanatory, but solving it might be tricky. The error basically means that you don’t have enough content in your website. Adsense, being primarily a contextual ad provider, shows ads that are contextual to your website. So if you don’t have enough content, Adsense will not be able to learn your website.

  • If you have a blog, then make sure you write enough posts (at least 20 with 400-500 words each).
  • If you have a web app, then create a blog page in your website and fill it with related content just for the sake of adsense. If you are too lazy to write yourself, you can even buy original content online ( Do not copy! ).
  • If you have enough articles and are still facing a rejection with the reason No Content, it might be because the google bots are not able to find your website content. Make sure you have a sitemap in your website. If you are using SSL, ensure that your inlinks use https:// and not http:// .

2) Valuable Inventory: Scraped Content

Google has a very strict policy against plagiarism. That is why you should never copy someone else’s content. If you need a few articles for your website (to get Adsense approved) and are too lazy to write it yourself, buy it online or have a professional writer write it for you. But if you have copied content in you website, the google bots will spot them immediately. The only way to get around this is to make original content. If you haven’t copied any content, then it is possible that your article(s) may be very similar to an article already online. Try searching sentences from your article in google. If you find a similar article, you know why Adsense is rejecting you. Try changing the words and moving your sentences around. This must fix it.

3) Valuable Inventory : Under Construction

The most common reason for this is if you have broken links in your website. Go to , paste your website link and check if your website has any broken links. If it does(which is very likely if you are getting the Under Construction rejection), then fix those links and you are good to go!


Never have pages in your website with very little content (less than 50-100 words). This may include pages like Contact Us, with just a sentence containing your email address. Adsense bots will consider these pages to be without content or under construction and hence reject your application.

If you have any questions, leave it in the comments section below.

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